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Who is listening

Waking up with feelings of heartbreak

Sensing the void of insecurities

and the losses that can never be regained

Facing the fears

The empty promises that offer no consolation

Loneliness, solitude, truly existing

While the ones that roll the dice are gambling with our lives

Who can uplift our spirits when all we hear are lies?

Stepping out of a revolving door that leads to nowhere

Finding courage within our own integrity

Finding truth within our own heart

With stability walking upon the ground

Discovering consolation within the beauty of nature

Standing strong even if standing alone

Though knowing that somewhere, someone

Is also feeling the same, and crying out

One by one each cry is becoming

One voice, one sound

Open hearts everywhere now uniting

Linking with energy that cannot be switched off

Power of Love spreading

Offering Hope and Consolation

No matter what has to be faced and endured.