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The silent warriors

Behind the face of a strong woman

there is a life of endurance, resilience and perseverance.

Behind the smile of a happy woman

there is also sadness, pain and sorrow experienced

and perhaps still experiencing, but not allowing that

to take away what is still enjoyable in life.

Behind the power of a successful woman

There are years of struggles

Climbing a ladder that some or many times also

falling off it, having to restart the mount.

Behind the closed doors of someone’s busyness

there is also exhaustion and loneliness.

What is represented on the façade

is not without a history of shaping

by sheer will and determination within each experience.

Finding hope within shallow breathing

placing trust in oneself where all else crumbled

without loyal support.

Behind what you see and may admire

is a belief in one's own power placed into action

Getting up after each fall.

Finding a different way

where all avenues presented had a dead end.

A hero or heroine archetype is not created by sheer magic.

Behind the result of a strong reliable woman or man

is the conquering without the acceptance of defeat.

A re-building, re-constructing, re-inventing

Of a new life and of oneself.

Then what you see is what you’ll know

to be an authentic, silent, warrior.