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The resilient Heart

When everything around crumbles

And nothing is left to hold on to

When all that was usual becomes transformed

and all that you held true in the past does not exist anymore

A strength comes forth that is built on trust and inner knowing that can show the way through the dark passage and the unfamiliar routes.

It is a flash of light, a beacon of clarity that now shows the way.

It is filled with courage and hope that comes from the heart, your resilient heart,

that always knows the best way and how to guide you

As it holds the New in you and the way to go

It holds the new dawn, and all the love you need and even more love to share

Your resilient heart, your closest friend

Listen to its whispers, and comfort will be received

A heart broken many a times, and filled with pain but a resilient heart it is

As it holds the biggest asset and largest treasure

It holds the gift of Love

Unconditional Love for you

Showing you the way and fulfilling all desires beyond this reality.

Honour your heart, listen to your heart

Your resilient Heart.