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The Possible Dream

It is not to dream the impossible dream

it is to dream the possible dream

It is to take action into what needs changing

It is not in the criticising what is not liked

It is not to stand still and watch destruction

It is in reinforcing a construction for better living

It is not in loosing hope for a future

it is in starting to recreate in the Now – Right Now.

It is not in me sitting comfortablyt, therefore it is all OK

It is in everyone having a chair to sit on.

It is not in waiting for tomorrow

it is in today, the present, that you make things happen.

It is not in taking everything, anything, everyone, anyone for granted.

It is about being grateful for everything and appreciating everyone.

Who should I vote for to do this job?

I vote for myself first to do my part.

How will the job be completed?

By each and all of Us doing our parts.

We have the hands

We have the feet

We have the voice

We are the Ones

It is for us to make the Dream Real.

May 2019