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The Long Journey

The darkness is long and breathless I feel

No one to guide me

But then I sit still

And in Peace I begin to heal


For the darkness, the light and the perpetual flame

in my heart are very real


please assist me Divine Will

to courageously win in this emotional battlefield


Human existence so precious and dear

Yet we always live in fear

Life plentiful and rich

We experience what you teach

Journey with a purpose, journey with a cause

How difficult for the Soul to exist

within the Human toil.


The roaring sound of thunder!

It’s as if the Divine speaks beneath that sound


Sunset to one side,

 rainbow forming surfacing the dark clouds to the other side

The stillness of the water – the beauty of dusk

A painter, an artist’s delight


If I could draw life’s plan,

 I would draw it with all this beauty and wonder

And us humans enjoying it and appreciating it


Instead of wasting it into our personal greed and fear to fail

And therefore creating the internal, external, the small, the large and the universal wars.


Let us look around us and see the beauty

Outside and inside our World

And spare ourselves

The sufferings and death of body and soul