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The light and the shadow

What do you see of me? she asked

Sometimes we live two existences

And both of them are real!

What do we see, think of, assume or even judge in a person, is not always in truth who they are.


So, what do you see of me?

Her words echoed in my mind, when she said to me:

You may see my smile, but do you know of my sadness?

You may know me as independent, and able to take care of myself, but do you know of the loneliness, and the feeling of being unwanted?

When I say I’m OK, do you believe me? As it may not always be true.

Do you look deeper into my eyes and truly see me?

Her eyes saddened, when she expressed:-

Do you know that I have realized I am no one’s priority in their life?

I love to experience freedom, but it is also nice to receive some nurturing at times.

She then added:

 I experience times of being depressed, and of pushing myself to make the best of my day.

And continued to say : I love life and nature, and when people see me happy, I am at that time; but the dark side of life leaves me sometimes unmotivated to continue.

To shine the light, uplift others, is important to me. It is fulfilling to give and also to receive, she explained.

Yes, I have hope and trust, as well as fears, insecurities, and anxiety runs high in me, even though I seem calm and even confident at times.

I try and I don’t give up, as I know I have to rely on myself.

I maintain strong, as I cannot afford to become weak, and if you see me standing, dear friend, it is because I lifted myself up from the floor many times.

I don’t like pity, she said, and wanted me to understand that sincere care though, is always appreciated.

Do you think of me as ‘aloof’? was her question to me, as I may seem so, I keep myself apart, and that is because my shyness is deep, and I don’t like feeling hurt, same as everyone else.

Her wisdom expressed that, to uncover and discover who someone truly is, has to come from pure interest and concern, wrapped with care and unconditional acceptance.

What do you see of Me? She asked, as transparent I may not be.

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