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The gift of today

In loving memory of dear friend Aysha Griffin


Looking into the horizon you see a promise of a tomorrow
But what if tomorrow never comes where is our life left at? In promises and wishes now lost? Or in having done the best we can and fulfilling some dreams along the way?
As tomorrow may not be seen by everyone.
We take for granted what will be and the future to come
But can we truly plan with a guaranteed tomorrow?
This moment of today is all we have to live it in honour with appreciation for everyone who is in our life, and everything we have, can see, feel and touch
For tomorrow may never come for some.
To leave behind regrets, remorse is futile as all will fade in the air.
But the air we breathe each moment is the gift
The gift of life.
To express love as often as we can is the key to an undying legacy
For tomorrow may never come.