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The beauty of Nature


Wondrous colours of Nature all around

green, yellow, orange, red, purple

Sea with beautiful changes of blue

Sky so perfect reflecting to sea

I stop and gaze

Colours energize and replenish me

The breeze, the air compliments essentially

As without a breath of air we cannot live

Every day I admire in awe

Admire all that we are surrounded by

Our home, our earth, has an incomparable, natural beauty

Providing us with all that we need for our bodies and wellbeing

A priceless treasure it is

How much do we value it?

A sunset, a sunrise we can capture with a photo

But we cannot add nor take away from its precision, its majesty

Loving what I see – rainbows in the sky

Colours of Nature

In Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

A beauty with diversity

In nature I want to be with all the colours that I can see

Appreciating all the beauty

Respecting my original home

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