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As time goes by

As we grow older

We may ask

Where has life gone?

Everything passed us by so quickly.

Now looking back

Reminiscing good times, sad times

All difficulties & joys

Entering and exiting

As all experiences do.

How do we enhance what we have

With the time left now?

It may be long or short

But always, with still time to amend, improve,

Increase better knowing and understanding.

Love always existing in our hearts

Beauty always existing around.

Good feelings and experiences can be invited in

Through the small things, the precious moments

Nothing grandiose, nor of big cost.

Life’s gifts are in the present – the present, the gift of now.

The gift of a smile, a hug, an encouraging word

A warm feeling created.

Every breath taken, and each day experienced is a blessing.

To create an experience with choice,

At each moment provided

Will create a book of cherished memories

A book of life revealed with your personal experiences

Making an interesting book

Perhaps for others to read and learn from

When your life has ceased to be.