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Amen to another day, never to be repeated again

Prepare well for tomorrow and make the very best of each moment

For each moment is unique and not repeated in the same way

Only to be reminisced upon

Look back into each past day as a day well spent

Each decision well made, and regrets avoided

Today is now, and so each choice made is sealed

Today becoming yesterday, also becomes unchangeable

Today can build the possible future

The future wanted – a future realized

As in truth, for some, tomorrow may never come

And today is all there is and will be

It is important to make today count

And when I say ‘Amen’ to this day before closing my eyes to sleep

I am pleased and grateful for what it offered

And what I contributed

Si it is ‘Amen’ that today may be the best day, for I choose it to be

I am the architect, the builder, and with precision and perfection

I can create this new day.  This moment in time


       August 28th, 2019

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