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Always learning,always evolving

When I think I’ve learnt a lot

There is more to learn

When I think I’ve seen a lot

There’s more to experience

What is the proof of fact?

Science discovers and also changes

Something unforeseen is now visible

Something unpredictable now resulting

Each day may seem as the day before

Yet it never is

Calendar shows we never repeat a date in time

24hrs – 7 days – 1 month – 1 year

Respectively in a circle going around and ahead

Do I choose to run around the wheel like a mouse going nowhere?

Or do I choose to do something different today – now?

As the Now is what I HAVE

I have a CHOICE

Choice is Freedom

Choice is empowerment

Choice unlocks handcuffs presumably locked

Choice unlocks chains presumably around my feet

Choice pulls off the tape around my mouth

And with my choice, I have a Voice

A voice can travel far like an internet connection

My hands can create, write, paint

or plant a tree to grow and keep growing

and my feet can walk the miles of my path, my journey

wherever it takes me

For I choose to go, to be, to live

And to make a difference

To leave a mark of improvement, no matter how small

As I am always learning

Always expanding

Always evolving

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