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  • "In these poems and other writings that I will share here with you, may you enjoy them and discover within the words your own insights and wisdom. Opening your heart to its own truth." ~ Silvia Avedikian

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    Written from inspiration with Love

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    The Owl

    I see through the dark

    I see through the unseen and into the unseen

    My eyes wide open notice all

    And I stand still till I fly away

    Into a different spot

    I survive with nature by my side

    I have wings that take me everywhere

    But for now here I’ll stay

    Upon a branch I rest as I observe all

    I need nothing more than what nature provides to survive

    Let me sit upon your shoulder

    And I’ll guide and direct you with instincts provide

    For an Owl I am

    Listen to my whispers

    As they become your understanding and knowledge

    Together we see

    A Butterfly

    I am but a butterfly that flutters

    From flower to flower

    Upon each flower that I rest

    I receive a vibration, an energy from its colour

    Within its radiance of appearance

    And its natural beauty

    I live free as I flutter flower to flower

    Till my time is up

    Another butterfly, then, flutters from flower to flower


    Notice me when I fly by you

    For I am bringing within my playfulness

    The magic of vibration through beauty and colour


    As I flutter from flower to flower

    Igniting the Passion

    I am but a small flame, a little glow

    Like a pilot light keeping alive

    Keeping alive the fire within


    Will you let me burn out

    Or will you allow me to burst out with Life?


    Feel my warmth – see my sparkle

    Ignite me now even more

    Pay attention and allow me to give you life


    Passion it Is energy of Self Love


    Sight of an Eagle

    Do not submit to the anguish of the heart, to the emptiness of Soul

    But fly like an eagle above the earth

    and explore the grandeur of the sky

    Look down and see how minute life’s business seems from above.

    Look down knowing that you are above

    The air that sustains you is the air that you breathe

    With each breath Life is in you

    And with Life within you, You can Fly

    And the Soul will experience its own breath

    Truth of the Heart

    The truth presented to those who need to hear it

    Is a blessing to be taken as a gift to the heart that forgot

    how listen to itself

    For the Heart holds the truth – and Love is all that is required

    The only ingredient, main ingredient to live a full life


    Those who have forgotten to Love Self or others

    Are the ones that live a life in darkness

    The darkness of the soul is brought into Light

    Only through Love.

    My Friend the Sea

    Tiny waves splashing on the seashore in natural rhythm
    Sound of the Sea nourishing my soul.
    Beautiful shades of blue and green refreshing my body with vitality

    My friend the Sea, I can always talk to thee
    My friend the Sea, always with me
    My heart and soul open to your vibration, filling an emptiness

    My friend the Sea, I belong with thee.


    Goodbye to the new fresh dawn

    Goodbye to the warm sand

    Goodbye to the soft breeze on my cheek

    Goodbye to the radiance of an open fire

    Goodbye to the smiles of my friends

    Goodbye to the soft cuddles

    Goodbye to the laughter and jokes


    To the sadness of heart

    Goodbye to all who knew me

    For my life has been richer and fuller

    For having encountered with you

    I AM

    I AM


    Woman, friend, lover

    I am all these to you

    But fulfilled I feel not


    Because My Self I have not discovered


    It is in the discovering of one Self

    That we become Whole

    Who we truly are


    I AM … Woman

    I AM

    I AM


    Woman, friend, lover

    I am all these to you

    But fulfilled I feel not


    Because My Self I have not discovered


    It is in the discovering of one Self

    That we become Whole

    Who we truly are


    I AM … Woman

    I AM

    I AM


    Woman, friend, lover

    I am all these to you

    But fulfilled I feel not


    Because My Self I have not discovered


    It is in the discovering of one Self

    That we become Whole

    Who we truly are


    I AM … Woman

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    Written from inspiration with Love



    Pulsating… Let the rhythm of this pulse, this heart pulse be the marching sound into your steps taking. Beat by beat, step by step, let the sound of the Universe connect with your heart so that as One walk together, recreating, renewing, replenishing the Earth. That is how the New Earth Will Be Created. All in the energy, all in the intention, following with action. Mother Earth - Rhythm of Life. Base yourself – Place your feet firmly on My Soil and allow the energy elevate you, sustain you, nourish your Walk, my Earth with Me – for you are made of the same substance. I AM SOPHIA - MOTHER EARTH

    November 3rd, 2018



    To receive so that we can give, offer, is a Universal Law of give and take, learn and teach, teach and learn. For we are One – and Our connection is real, as we also live individually our present journey. To see through the eyes of the ‘Masters’ is to know all in true existence, the true realities between the ‘Veils’, inside and outside of the Veil of existence of the here and now. Pure abundance awaits all - Abundance in all areas already exists – it is within Us, within our Inner Self. We are bountiful. Know it, feel it in its totality and in certainty. To know and feel I AM, as WE ARE - WE ARE ONE.

    November 2nd, 2018



    Enjoy each moment, as each moment has a lot to offer if you see it in the quality of life that you are in. The quality has its beauty – this beauty can be in the simplicity of it. Burdens come and go as clouds in the sky, some times they are storms, but they all dissipates eventually, and the sun returns to shine. Each day is a new day and a new day offers a new beginning to be. Allow each beginning to be a happy one, having enthusiasm for everything – living to the fullest, especially in your heart. Let the blessings and the light be received as they are poured upon you as a shower of enrichment in your daily life.

    May 12th, 2014



    Let not all the trembles of the Earth, of your body startle you. It is an explosion in re-directing and re-selecting choices of life - all cannot remain in same wave line as you now connect to the new wave - you cannot return to the old, but adjust. What is it that you’re afraid of? Of criticising yourself mostly, as others will cater for their opinions – and their opinions and judgements they are. Are you joining them? or stepping out, outside of your limited restrictive self and be pointed out? Not for glamour but for example of living your truth, your passion, your choices, your chosen flavours. Who judges? But yourself! Who do you want and choose to honour? Marvel at the experiences – resemble the changes in yourself to come forth outside yourself and take action and stand by Your Self – Your likes, beliefs, experiences gained, assimilated.

    May 11th, 2018





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    Retired now from my day job, a mother and grandmother, I have been writing for many years, starting with journaling and developing into receiving poems and inspirational writing with messages.


    I have enjoyed being a receptionist, personal caregiver and Coordinator of multicultural seniors groups in my working days, but most of all offering also Energy Healing to people of all ages.


    Writing became my passion, loving what I received, finding wisdom, insights and support within these writings. To honour my gift, I decided to self publish my first book of poems “Expressions from the Heart”.


    My life experiences have been my greatest teachers, combined with lots of soul searching, and always, always learning. My intention is to offer through my writings a gateway to our Inner Being.

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